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We would like to take this opportunity of golden jubilee to strengthen the relationship of the alumni spread across the globe with the present faculty and students at the Department and to also encourage interactions between alumni who now span the five decades of the Departmental history. To begin with, through this website, we would like to collect valuable information about the alumni with respect to their past association with dept, present activity and status  and also would like to take their opinion and ideas for making this year memorable as well as organize special programs that would promote their interactions with present students, which will help define a brighter future of their alma mater. The Department will also be hosting a special commemorative event in the form of a Symposium that would be an enriching academic experience for the past and present members of the department, in addition to having a reunion. The Symposium will have invited talks, discussion and poster sessions and a reminiscence session. We look forward to your registration as an alumnus and providing the information as well as any relevant photographs. We will also update information about the symposium to be held and urge you to earmark the dates and make it possible to join us for this exciting event.


We are also planning to publish a manual of Alumni members of the department. Please provide your information as per the format by clicking here or by email at msumicrbiology50years@gmail.com.


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