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Department Alumni Home Page

The Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology Centre alumni service is designed to allow alumni to keep in touch with the department and with each other. It provides a way to stay informed of events which may be of interest to alumni. It also provides an updated information to all members about the events and activities of the department.

Become a Member

For becoming the  MEMBER, one must be a degree holder from the department either in M.Sc Microbiology or M.Sc Biotechnology or a Ph.D in Microbiology. Also Post M.Sc Diploma students of the department can be a member. Our existing ALUMNI MEMBERS can be seen here.

Campus Calendar

Stay informed by the events in the Department and in University with the help of the CALENDAR. The Rounds for final year students has started. The first Data Presentation is over. Weekly Seminars and other activities are going on as usual.

Career Assistance

Become regular in checking this page for the opportunities in the areas of Modern Biology.

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