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 Late B B. Chattoo

Dr. B.B. Chattoo

JC Bose National Fellow

Distinguished Professor

Phone : 91-265-2711979 (R)

Area of Specialization : Genetics, Molecular Biology, Genomics

A.K. Shah

Dr. A.K. Shah

Visiting Professor

Phone : 91-265-2787799 (R)

Area of Specialization : Industrial fermentation and Biochemical Engineering

A.J. Desai

Dr. A.J. Desai

Visiting Professor

Phone : 91-265-2253904 (R)

Area of Specialization : Microbial physiology, Environmental microbiology, Microbial genetics

T. Bagchi

Dr. T. Bagchi

Visiting Professor

Phone : 91-265-2357073 (R)

Area of Specialization : Immunology and Cell Biology

Mrinalini Nair

Dr. M. Nair

Coordinator, Biotechnology Teaching Programme

Professor in Biotechnology

Phone : 91-265-2794396 (O)

Area of Specialization : Biophysics : Protein folding

G. Archana

Dr. A. Gayathri

Head, Department of Microbiology

Professor in Microbiology

Phone : 91-265-6581935  (R)

Area of Specialization : Molecular biology, Microbial genetics

Late J. Manjrekar

Dr. J. Manjrekar

Associate Professor in Biotechnology

Phone : 91-265-2794679 (R)

Area of Specialization : Molecular biology and Developmental biology

Bina Chandani

Dr. Bina Chandani

Associate Professor in Biotechnology

Phone : 91-265-2789343 (R)

Area of Specialization : Molecular microbiology and Enzymology

S. Ingle

Dr. S. Ingle

Professor in Microbiology

Phone : 91-265-2750648 (R)

Area of Specialization : Applied microbiology and Fermentation

P. Vyas

Dr. Pranav Vyas

Associate Professor in Microbiology

Phone : 91-265-2663485 (R)

Area of Specialization : Microbial biochemistry and environmental microbiology

A. Nerurkar

Professor in Microbiology

Phone : 91-265-2644476 (R)

Area of Specialization : Medical and Applied Microbiology

Nandita Baxi

Assistant Professor in Microbiology

Phone : 

Area of Specialization : Bioremediation and Biopolymer

Devarshi Gajjar


Professor in Biotechnology

Phone :

Area of Specialization :

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