Anjana Desai - CV

                            Dr. Anjana J Desai

                          Professor Emeritus of Microbiology 

Education      : M.Sc Microbiology in 1970

                              Ph.D Microbiology in 1977

Date of Birth : June 4, 1948

Experience    : Teaching  --- 26 Years

                              Research ---  33Years


Contact No. : (0265) 2794396 (O); 2321546 (R)


Email :                My Research Lab

Research interest :

Publications :

  1. Desai AJ, Patel Shaila and Modi VV(1977). Studies on rhizobial haemoglobin and d-leculinic acid  synthetase activity in R. japonicum. Ind. J. Expt. Biol., 16 : 528-530.

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  63. Geetha Rajendran, Shreni mistry, Anjana J. Desai and G. Archana (2007) Functional expression  of E. coli fhuA gene in Rhizobium spp. Of Cajanus cajan             provides growth advantage in presence  of Fe3+:ferrichrome as iron source. Archives of microbiology, 187: 257- 264.

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  68. Aparna V Akolkar, Gauravi M Deshpande, Kandarp N Raval, Deepa Durai, Anuradha S Nerurkar, Anjana J Desai (2008) Organic solvent tolerance of Halobacterium sp SP1(1) and its extracellular protease. Journal of Basic Microbiology, DOI No. 10.1002/jobm.200800012,

  69. Harish Suthar, Krushi Hinurao, Anjana Desai and Anuradha Nerurkar (2008). Evaluation of bioemulsifier mediated microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery using sand pack column Journal of   Microbiological Methods 75: 225-230

  70. A.Akolkar, N. Bharambe,S.Trivedi and  A. Desai (2008) Statistical optimization of medium components for extracellular protease production by an extreme haloatcheon Halobacterium  sp.1 (1) Letters in Applied microbiology ( In Press)

Membership :

  1. Life Member and Secretary,  Society of Biological Chemists of India, Baroda unit.

  2. Life Member, Association of  Microbiologists of India.

  3. Member, Society of clean environment, Baroda

Conferences/Workshops/Talks attended :

  1. Presented paper entitled Characterization and production of siderophore from Rhizobium sp. GN1 at Dept. Atomic Energy Symposium on Molecular Biology of Micro-organization, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune during Jan. 28-30, 1992.

  2. Presented paper entitled, Isolation of large plasmids from A. lipoferum M : A correlation between presence of plasmid and siderophore production at International Conference on Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi held during Feb. 15-18, 1993.

  3. Presented a paper entitled, Adaptive response of a bacterium A3 to crude oil stress at DAE Symposium on Stress and Adaptive Responses in Biological System at M.S.University of Baroda, Baroda during March 23-25, 1994.

  4. Presented paper entitled Studies on siderophore of cow pea Rhizobium G-1: Its role in iron acquisition and competitive survival of organism in rhizosphere: at the Eleventh Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference at University of Western Australia Nedlands, (Australia) during Sept.22-27,1996.

  5. Attended 97th General Meeting of American Society for Microbiology at Miami Beach, U.S.A. during May 4-8,1997.

  6. Presented paper entitled Bioremediation of crude oil contaminated soil using Acinetobacter sp. A-3 at Indo  US Workshop on Application of Biotechnology for Clean environment and Energy at Bangalore University, Bangalore during Aug.5-8,1998.

  7. Participated in panel discussion on Strategies to control environmental pollution Organized by Vigyan Parishad (Baroda Chapter) on World Environment Day June 5th , 1998

  8. Participated as resource person at the refresher course organized by Dept. of Microbiology School of Science Gujarat University Ahmedabad on Jan.19. 1999 Delivered a talk on Siderophore and its role in iron transport.

  9. Conducted training program on Environmental Awareness at Netlon India, Vadodara on Feb.20,1999.

  10. Talks on N2 fixation at Dept. of Biosciences, S.P.University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

  11. Gave invited talk on Bioremediation at a symposium on Transfer of technology at Dept. of Bioscience S.P. University , Vallabh  Vidyanagar on Jan. 27,1996.

  12. Presented paper entitled Methylobacterium sp. ZP24, a potential producer of biodegradable polymer, polyhydroxyalkanoates at an International Conference on ‘Plastic Waste Management and Environment’ held at New Delhi on March 15-16, 2001.

  13. Presented paper entitled, Biotreatment of nitrate containing effluent : An overview at an All India Convention on ‘Low cost biotechnology applications in pollution prevention and control’ organized by National Centre for Technical Development at Mumbai  December 28-29, 2001.

  14. Invited talk on Biotechnology and Bioremediation : Successes and Limitations at National Symposium on ‘Microbial diversity in sustainable development’ held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, March 1-2, 2003.

Research Projects :


Title of Project

Funding Agency



Cost of the Project (Rs.)


Metabolic properties of Rhizobium sp.

Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, Mumbai





Genetics and physiology of Rhizobium sp.

Dept. of Sci. & Tech. Govt. of India, N.Delhi





Isolation and characterization of nodule inducing principle from C. cajan

M.S.University, Baroda





Technology development & demonstration of biofertilizers - Rhizobium (Co-investigator)

Dept. of Biotechnology, N.Delhi





Application of natural & recombinant microorganisms to biosurfactant production, oil spill degradation and pollution control

Dept. of Biotechnology, N.Delhi





Microbial degradation of some petrochemicals & pollution control

IPCL, Baroda





Preparation, characterization & biodegradation studies of tailor made polymeric materials (Co-investigator)

Dept. of Biotechnology, N.Delhi





Studies for ecological restoration & planning of Alang ship-breaking yard

Gujarat Ecological Commission,Baroda





Development of bench scale process treatment of nitrate containing effluent

GNFC, Bharuch





Development of bench scale process for degradation of terepthalic acid & PTA plant effluent

Reliance Industries, Surat





Characterization of high affinity transport system in Rhizobium sps.

University Grants Commission, N.Delhi


Under Progress



Microbial production of biodegradable plastic from cheese whey

Dept. of Science & Tech., New Delhi


Under Progress



Development of transgenic Rhizobium strains for pulse crops

Dept. of Biotechnology, N.Delhi


Under Progress



Inventory of microbial resources in India

Dept. of  Biotechnology, N.Delhi


Under Progress



Studies on physiology & biochemistry of Deinococcus sp.

Board of Research in Nulear Sci. (BRNS) BARC, Mumbai


Under Progress




Development of a biosystem producing microbial metabolites such as feedstock for microbial enhanced oil recovery.   

Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS), ONGC, Ahmedabad. 


Under progress




Isolation of Bioactive  agents from osmotolerant bacteria from different saline habitats.   

CSIR, New Delhi.



Under progress



Development of a bench scale process for the treatment of ammonia containing effluent

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd. Bharuch, Gujarat


On going 



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