Anuradha Nerurkar - CV

                      Prof. Anuradha S Nerurkar

                      Associate Professor  in Microbiology

Education      : M.Sc Microbiology in 1983

                              Ph.D Microbiology in 1989

Date of Birth : September 26, 1960

Experience    : Teaching  --- UG 12 Years & PG 13 yrs

                              Research ---  18 Years


Contact : (O)+91-265-2794396


Email id :         My Research Lab

Research interest :

Publications :

  1. Srinandan S. Chakravarthy, Glen D’ souza, Nidhi Srivastava, Binaya Bhusan Nayak, Anuradha S. Nerurkar (2012) Carbon sources influence the nitrate removal activity, community structure and biofilm architecture, Bioresource Technology 117: 292–299.

  2. V.B. Maisuria, A.S. Nerurkar (2012) Biochemical properties and thermal behavior of pectate lyase produced by Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorumBR1 with industrial potentials, Biochemical Engg. Journal 63: 22– 30.

  3. C.S. Srinandan, Mrinal Shah, Bhavita Patel, Anuradha S. Nerurkar (2011) Assessment of denitrifying bacterial composition in activated sludge, Bioresource Technology 102: 9481–9489.

  4. Srinandan S. Chakravarthy, Samay Pande, Ashish Kapoor & Anuradha S. Nerurkar (2011) Comparison of Denitrification Between Paracoccus sp. and Diaphorobacter sp. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 165: 260–269.

  5. Maisuria V. B., Patel V. A., and Nerurkar A. S. (2010) Biochemical and thermalstabilization parameters of polygalacturonase from Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora BR1, 20(7),1077-1085.

  6. C. S. Srinandan ; Vipul Jadav ; D. Cecilia; A. S. Nerurkar (2010) Nutrients determine the spatial architecture of Paracoccus sp. Biofilm, Biofouling 26: 4, 449 -459.

  7. Anuradha S Nerurkar, Krushi S Hingurao and Harish G Suthar (2009) Bioemulsifiers from marine microorganisms, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research. Vol. 68, April 2009, pp.273-277

  8. Harish Suthar, Krushi Hingurao, Anjana Desai, Anuradha Nerurkar (2009) Selective Plugging Strategy Based Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Bacillus licheniformis TT33, J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 19(10), 1230–1237.

  9. Harish  Suthar, Krushi Hingurao, Anjana Desai, Anuradha Nerurkar (2008) Evaluation of bioemulsifier mediated Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery using sand pack column. J Microbiol Methods 75(2): 225-230.

  10. Aparna V. Akolkar, Guaravi M. Deshpande, Kandarp N. Raval , Deepa Durai, Anuradha S. Nerurkar, Anjana J. Desai ( 2008) Organic solvent tolerance of  Halobacterium sp. SP1(1) and its extracellular protease, Short communicationin,  J. Basic Microbiol. 48: 1–5.

  11. Sanket Joshi, Chirag Bharucha, Sujata Jha, Sanjay Yadav, A. S. Nerurkar, A. J. Desai (2008) Biosurfactant production using molasses and whey under thermophilic conditions, Bioresour. Technol. 99 (1): 195-199.

  12. Sanket Joshi, Sanjay Yadav, A. S. Nerurkar, A. J. Desai (2007) Statistical optimization of media composition for the production of biosurfactant by Bacillus licheniformis K51, J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 17(2), 313-319.

  13. T. S. Jadhav, N. J. Faldu, P. Patel, S. N. Narolkar and A. S. Nerurkar (2005) Alcaligenes faecalis kw-A biofilm for denitrification of nitrate-rich effluent, Ind. J. Exp. Biol. 43,542-547.

  14. Anuradha Nerurkar, Swati Zala, Shivani Shukla and Anjana Desai (1999, 2000) Identification and enumeration of denitrifying bacteria, J. of M.S. Univ. Baroda 46, 47 (3): 35-44.

  15. Swati Zala, Anuradha Nerurkar, Anjana Desai, Jayalaxmy Ayyer and Vivek Akolker (1999) Biotreatment of nitrate rich effluent by suspended bacteria, Biotechnology letters, 21: 481-485.

Chapters :

  1. An e-chapter in National Science digital library of NISCAIR CSIR  on Applied Microbiology, entitled, Present status of applied microbiology in India in context to world scenario including food, dairy, wastewater and water microbiology - Anuradha S. Nerurkar (2007), NISCAIR CSIR, New Delhi. URL-

  2. Microbiology : A clinical approach to nursing and allied health  Editors Anjana Desai & Anuradha Nerurkar Chapters 1,4,5,9 and 15 (2009)  Garland Science, Taylor and Francis group.U.K.

  3. A chapter entitled, Structural and molecular characteristics of Lichenysin and its relationship with the activity- Anuradha S. Nerurkar (2010) In Biosurfactants by Landes Bioscience US, Springer Science and Business media, Chapter 23, 304-315.

  4. A chapter entitled, Biosystem development for microbial enhanced oil recovery (MOER)- Anuradha S. Nerurkar, Harish G. Suthar and Anjana J. Desai, In Microbes in environmental management and biotechnology by Springer Science, Chapter 03, 711-737.

Research Projects :

  1. Project entitled, “Screening of biosurfactant producing microorganisms from marine environment”. 2002. Duration: one year. Funded by : Central Salt & Marine Research Institute, Bhavnagar, Gujarat.    PI: Dr.A.S.Nerurkar Completed.

  2. Project entitled, “Development of a biosystem producing microbial metabolites such as biosurfactants / biopolymers as feedstock for microbial enhanced oil recovery”. 2004.Duration:  2 years Funded by : Institute of Reservoir Studies, Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Ahmedabad. PI : Prof.A.J.Desai; Co-PI : Dr.A.S.Nerurkar. Completed.

  3. Project entitled, “Isolation of bioactive compounds from halotolerant / halophilic bacteria from different habitats”.  2004.Duration: 3 years with one year extension.Funded by : CSIR, New Delhi. PI Prof.A.J.Desai Co-PI : Dr.A.S.Nerurkar. Completed.

  4. Project on Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology (combined departmental project). 2005.Duration: 3 yearsFunded by : Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Gujarat. Chief-Coordinator : Prof.H.S.Chhatpar; Co-PIs : Prof.A.J.Desai, Dr.G.Archana, Dr.S.Ingle, Dr.P.Vyas, Dr.A.S.Nerurkar. Completed.

  5. Project entitled, Development of a bench scale process for the treatment of ammonia containing effluent. 2007.Duration: 3 years Funded by : GNFC, BHaruch Gujarat. PI : Prof. Anjana Desai  Co-Pi : Dr. Anuradha Nerurkar.Completed.

  6. Project entitled,   Bioemulsifier  from  Marine Bacteria : Characterization and Yield Enhancement. Approved 2008.Duration: 3 years.Funded by : Department of Science & Technology, N. Delhi.PI : Dr. Anuradha Nerurkar.

  7. Project entitled, Analysis of abundance, diversity and activity of denitrifiers in activated sludge. Approved 2008.Duration: 3 yearsFunded by : UGC, N.Delhi.PI : Dr. Anuradha Nerurkar.

  8. Institutional consultancy project entitled, Assessing antibacterial property of four product samples viz. hygiene coat, bioshield, epoxy flooring and grout material. Approved 2008.Funded by : Pidilite Industries Ltd. Ahmedabad.Consultants: Prof. Anjana Deasi & Dr. Anuradha Nerurkar.

  9. Project entitled, Physiological and molecular characterization of  microbiological   removal of  ammonium from the effluent of fertilizer industry  by the oxygen limited autotrophic  nitrification-denitrification system. Approved 2010.Duration: 3 years Funded by : UGC, N.Delhi. PI : Prof. Anjana Desai  Co-Pi : Dr. Anuradha Nerurkar.

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