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The Department of Microbiology at M.S. University from its inception had robust research program attracting grants from various national and international funding agencies and has contributed particularly in the fields of agricultural and environmental microbiology. The Department has alumni of more than 100 Ph.D. students and over thousand Masterís students in Microbiology and Biotechnology who have spread all over India and the world and continue to contribute in their respective fields of education and research.


The department has produced around 126 Ph.D students. The Ph.D thesis are also examined by foreign referees and notable among them were two noble laureates namely Dr. Max Delbruck and Dr. Melvin Calvin. The department has published approximately 570 research papers/articles in national and international journals. Few important research papers published by the Department are given below :



  • Dhruv, B. R., and V. V. Modi. 1966. Alanine synthesis by Ustilago maydis. Naturwissenschaften 53:414-415.

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  • Rao, K. K., and S. Rao. 1975. Effect of tweens on the production of ergot alkaloids by Aspergillus fumigatus. Folia microbiologica 20:418-422.

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  • Gupta, A. R., and K. K. Rao. 1977. Inhibition of tryptophan uptake in Aspergillus fumigatus by tryptamine. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 33:853-854.


  • Nautiyal, C. S., and V. V. Modi. 1981. The regulation of some enzymes involved in ammonia assimilation by Rhizobium meliloti. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 37:121-122.

  • Shah, K., S. Sousa, and V. V. Modi. 1981. Studies on transducing phage M-1 for Rhizobium japonicum D211. Archives of Microbiology 130:262-266.

  • Sahasrabudhe, S. R., and V. V. Modi. 1985. Hydroxylation of benzoate and its chlorinated derivatives in Aspergillus niger. Biochemistry international 10:525.

  • Amin, A. R., and V. V. Modi. 1987. Metabolism ofn-alkanes by Aspergillus japonicus. Folia microbiologica 32:24-28.


  • Hamsa, P. V., and B. B. Chattoo. 1994. Cloning and growth-regulated expression of the gene encoding the hepatitis B virus middle surface antigen in Yarrowia lipolytica. Gene 143:165-170.

  • Jadhav, R. S., and A. Desai. 1994. Role of siderophore in iron uptake in cowpea Rhizobium GN1 (peanut isolate): Possible involvement of iron repressible outer membrane proteins. FEMS microbiology letters 115:185-189.

  • Kachroo, P., S. A. Leong, and B. B. Chattoo. 1995. Mg-SINE: A short interspersed nuclear element from the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe grisea. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92:11125-11129.

  • Ashtaputre, A. A., and A. K. Shah. 1995. Studies on a Viscous, Gel-Forming Exopolysaccharide from Sphingomonas paucimobilis GS1. Applied and environmental microbiology 61:1159-1162.

  • Naqvi, N. I., and B. B. Chattoo. 1996. Development of a sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) based indirect selection method for a dominant blast-resistance gene in rice. Genome 39:26-30.

  • Kachroo, P., M. Ahuja, S. A. Leong, and B. B. Chattoo. 1997. Organisation and molecular analysis of repeated DNA sequences in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe grisea. Current genetics 31:361-369.


  • Gohel, V., D. Jiwan, P. Vyas, and H. S. Chhatpar. 2005. Statistical optimization of chitinase production by Pantoea dispersa to enhance degradation of crustacean chitin waste. Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 15:197-201.

  • Baxi, N. N., and A. K. Shah. 2007. The use of solid waste of a nylon-6 plant as a nutrient for bacterial decolourisation of dyes. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 23:1321-1326.

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  • Gupta, A., and B. B. Chattoo. 2008. Functional analysis of a novel ABC transporter ABC4 from Magnaporthe grisea. FEMS microbiology letters 278:22-28.

  • Thakur, S., S. Jha, S. Roy-Barman, and B. Chattoo. 2009. Genomic Resources of Magnaporthe oryzae (GROMO): A comprehensive and integrated database on rice blast fungus. BMC genomics 10:316.

  • Mukherjee, F., J. Jain, V. Patel, and M. Nair. 2007. Multiple genus-specific markers in PCR assays improve the specificity and sensitivity of diagnosis of brucellosis in field animals. Journal of medical microbiology56:1309-1316.


  • Dhanani, A. S., S. B. Gaudana, and T. Bagchi. 2011. The ability of Lactobacillus adhesin EF-Tu to interfere with pathogen adhesion. European Food Research and Technology 232:777-785.

  • Maisuria, V. B., and A. S. Nerurkar. 2012. Biochemical properties and thermal behavior of pectate lyase produced by Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum BR1 with industrial potentials. Biochemical engineering journal 63:22-30.

  • Patel, K. D., and S. S. Ingle. 2012. RFLP analysis of cry1 and cry2 genes of Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from India. Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 22:729.

  • Pillai, P., and G. Archana. 2012. A novel process for biodegradation and effective utilization of chrome shavings, a solid waste generated in tanneries, using chromium resistant Bacillus subtilis P13. Process Biochemistry 47:2116-2122.

  • Chakravarthy, S. S., G. D'souza, N. Srivastava, B. B. Nayak, and A. S. Nerurkar. 2012. Carbon sources influence the nitrate removal activity, community structure and biofilm architecture. Bioresource Technology 117:292-299.

  • Chaturvedi, R., and G. Archana. 2012. Novel 16S rRNA based PCR method targeting Deinococcus spp. and its application to assess the diversity of deinococcal populations in environmental samples. Journal of microbiological methods 90:197-205.


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